Coming Soon - Works in Progresses

Dead Man's Hand:  A Short Story

Ronan Douglas was a man down on his luck. Not only was he struggling college student who's parents had disowned him when he'd come out, but he's also got a crappy piece of shit car that once more needed repairs. Which is why he let his friend and mechanic, Javier, lure him into a poker game at a near by Irish pub, never expecting he'd have to wager it all against a devil in disguise. Or the price Javier's older brother, Dante would require if Ronan loses... 

Blue and Lachen: A Wicked Bedtime Tale

The fairytale of Bluebeard may have entertained many of a young lad, but for Lachen McCloud it’s about to become his reality.  Rescued at the behest of his father, by a dominant that only goes by Blue – he never expects to find that Angus McCloud has sold his very soul to a devil wearing deck shoes.  Now locked away in Blue’s mansion, he has the run of the house, except for one room – the one that can only be unlocked by the tarnished silver key Blue wears around his neck.  The abused submissive inside Lachen warns him against his curiosity, while the re-emerging brat begs him to disobey.  He needs know what the silent Blue is hiding.
Emery “Blue” Bluemont is a self-aware man. Reclusive since the death of his submissive, he’s buried himself in growing his charter business, locking away any inclination he’s ever had to dominate. He’s become so ruthless, that the only way to expand into the West Caicos is to merge his growing fleet with McCloud’s Endeavors.  He’s willing to do anything – even revisit his past to achieve his goal.  A quick in and out, claim McCloud’s son as his newest sub, and then bury the boy in his mansion.  Should be easy, right? Except for the fact that once he rescues the lad, his dominant side re-emerges – especially when he catches the boy in the one place he was forbidden to go – Blue’s Dungeon.

Dyn'ban: Book 1 of the Cinn Dorcha Series 
No light fae shall ever bear touch of a dark one without a maolán…

Cursed by an ancient sorcerer, the entire dark fae race has remained mateless for ions, living for the arrival of the night of the Ballantine, when the veil between the human world and fae is the thinnest. It’s only during this time that the dark fae can cross the threshold and find a human with maolán blood. Once he’s enslaved the human to his touch, only then will he be able to use the human as buffer to claim his mate. Mateless for years, Dyn'ban Rywys has nearly given up hope of ever finding a human that can tolerate his brand of touch. 

Sadistic and dominating, Dyn’ban has nearly resigned to watching, the light fae, Ser’ril Braray from afar. But one last plea from Ser’ril has Dyn’ban returning to the human world. But once he steps though the veil, Dyn’ban finds himself in the dark underworld of London’s BDSM scene. He thinks his prayer has been answered when submissive, Antony Thibodeaux falls to his feet and begs to be used. Has Dyn’ban been finally blessed or will Antony be more than he bargained for? What is a dark fae to do when the one man who should be nothing more than means to end, wraps himself around Dyn’ban’s jaded heart? And will Ser’ril accept the fact that he may have to share Dyn’ban’s love with another?