Monday, May 1, 2017

ND's Got A New Cover!

Hey peeps,  I've been pretty quiet on the homefront.  I apologize, the EDJ has been nuts, but that's to be expected right?   Anyway, even though I've been quiet as a mouse, I have some exciting news!  June 28th  or thereabouts I'll have a brand new release out!  It's an erotic retelling of a modern day Bluebeard.   As part of the Wicked Bedtime Tales Series, this sexy read will feature Emery 'Blue' Bluemont and his new submissive Lachen.   I can't wait to share this with you.   So stayed tuned,  I'll be sharing a snippet tomorrow from the first chapter!


The fairytale of Bluebeard may have entertained many of a young lad, but for Lachen McCloud it’s about to become his reality. Rescued at the behest of his father, by a dominant that only goes by Blue – he never expects to find that Angus McCloud has sold his very soul to a devil wearing deck shoes. Now locked away in Blue’s mansion, he has the run of the house, except for one room – the one that can only be unlocked by the tarnished silver key Blue wears around his neck. The abused submissive inside Lachen warns him against his curiosity, while the re-emerging brat begs him to disobey. He needs know what the silent Blue is hiding.

Emery “Blue” Bluemont is a self-aware man. Reclusive since the death of his submissive, he’s buried himself in growing his charter business, locking away any inclination he’s ever had to dominate. He’s become so ruthless, that the only way to expand into the West Caicos is to merge his growing fleet with McCloud’s Endeavors. He’s willing to do anything – even revisit his past to achieve his goal. A quick in and out, claim McCloud’s son as his newest sub, and then bury the boy in his mansion. Should be easy, right? Except for the fact that once he rescues the lad, his dominant side re-emerges – especially when he catches the boy in the one place he was forbidden to go – Blue’s Dungeon.