Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday's Child {2}: Resurecting the Warrior...

So a quick recap, as I've had to resurrect my entire blog...about what Tuesday's Child is all about.... 

 I've got a decided love affair with hunky warriors. But what does that have to do with Tuesday? Or any other day of the week.  Well, wee one, pull up a chair and I'll explain the convoluted, ADD spawned connections to you.   

You see it all started long, long ago....when N.D was looking for something to put up on her blog as a weekly feature. She had all the other days of the week figured out but couldn't seem to put her finger on what to do on Tuesdays.  She didn't want to do the random crap that Dakota was doing (too much work), however Tuesday holds a special place in her heart.  Why?

Well, that's easy - she's Tuesday's Child.  Do you remember that poem we learned in school, how Monday's Child was fair of face...etc?  Well, none would accuse N.D. of ever being graceful (she trips over air on a daily basis)...but it had her rooting around on the net to see what else came up under Tuesday (aside from the  graceful) Did you know that Tuesday is named after Tiwesdæg...which literally means Tīw's Day.  Or Tyr's Day...who happens to be the Norse god of War and Law.   

Still with me? 

Good.  I promise I'm almost done. So now she has this bright idea,  (scary I know) Why not feature sexy ass pictures of warriors and cops?  After all she drools over them everytime Michael Stokes puts up his fantastic photos.  

So there you have it.  She needed a post for Tuesdays, and after much research (say about 20 minutes) she came up with the idea to feature hunky kick ass alpha heroes.  Pretty simple, huh? 


Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Sweets {2}: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheescakes

Why is it that everyone seems  hates Mondays?  Is the return to the work week? Or is it just because we listened to our parents bicker and moan about it?  Hard telling, but as long as there has been Mondays, we humans have been moaning and bitching about it.  
So this week, at Livvy's insistence, I've resurrected Monday Sweets. We're kicking over a new leaf, to find something entirely different to moan about - and I'm not just talking about sexy eye candy.  Nope, my bitchy muse, has ordered me to share the absolute awesomeness of sweets.  (Since we're still watching what we eat, she's pissed about the lack of sugary treats in our diet.)  So as usual she's going to torture me with delicious goodies she's found on the web.   And let me tell you she found one that's almost healthy (strawberries are good for you, right?) on Pinterest.  

So without further ado, let the sweet indulgence start....

Found on Pinterst HERE

Sunday, November 27, 2016

#SedStuds: Nov 28th Edition

Happy Monday peeps!  I know it's been a long time no see, but I assure you I have been around...even though I've been in lurker/author mode...which translated means I've been hard at work on another book - and haven't had the time for social media that I should.  Anyhow, I'm happy to rejoin this fun blog hop once more and can't wait to introduce you to the hunky characters who have been tormenting me on a nightly basis - Dreu and Agent Raven.   Who ever knew danger could be so sexy.... 

Once you've read my snippet be sure to clicky the linky thing at the bottom to visit all the other wonderful authors joining us this week. :D


Snippet from Dreu: (unedited WIP)   Set-up: Agent Raven Cravey has been ordered to meet with "The Ghost"  and convince the man to work with the F.B.I.  Their location meet has been usurped by a sudden change of plans, when Raven gets a phone call as he waits at the original meet location.  He's just ran over a mile to meet Dreu at the Windella Boat Tours dock. He's just got on the boat and can't find his prey.

 "Fuck. I missed him..."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, mon chéri."  

The husky French accent sent more than apprehension down his spine. Against the front placket of his slacks, his dick stirred. Traitorous bastard falls for an accent every time. He moved to turn and face his query, only to be stopped by the prod of steal against his spine.  

"Non, I wouldn't do that if I were you, Monsieur Agent Man. Eyes straight ahead...unless you want a hole in your fancy suit - or one of the surrounding passengers. With this gun, one never knows what will happen. Hair trigger you see." 

"Good to know." He stood very still, his gaze scanning the passengers around them. Even if he could grab the gun from Dreu, the chances of it going off were to great. 

"I'd like to kindly ask all of you take your seats, as we will be departing shortly." The tour guide announced over the handheld mike that connected the boat's speaker system.  

Raven remained standing as the tourists began to find their seats - leery of any sudden moves that might cause Dreu to shoot.

"Well, you heard the man. Sit."