Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Child {1}: The Victor

So I've got a decided love affair with hunky warriors. But what does that have to do with Tuesday? Or any other day of the week.  Well, wee one, pull up a chair and I'll explain the convulted, ADD spawned connections to you.   

You see it all started long, long ago....like last Friday, when N.D was looking for something to put up on her blog as a weekly feature. She had all the other days of the week figured out but couldn't seem to put her finger on what to do on Tuesdays.  She didn't want to do the random crap that Dakota was doing (too much work), however Tuesday holds a special place in her heart.  Why?

Well, that's easy - she's Tuesday's Child.  Do you remember that poem we learned in school, how Monday's Child was fair of face...etc?  Well, none would accuse N.D. of ever being graceful (she trips over air on a daily basis)...but it had her rooting around on the net to see what else came up under Tuesday (aside from the  graceful) Did you know that Tuesday is named after Tiwesdæg...which literally means Tīw's Day.  Or Tyr's Day...who happens to be the Norse god of War and Law.   

Still with me? 

Good.  I promise I'm almost done. So now she has this bright idea,  (scary I know) Why not feature sexy ass pictures of warriors and cops?  After all she drools over them everytime Michael Stokes puts up his fantastic photos.  

So there you have it.  She needed a post for Tuesdays, and after much research (say about 20 minutes) she came up with the idea to feature hunky kick ass alpha heroes.  Pretty simple, huh?  

Well, maybe not.  

Either way, here's the first picture.  Enjoy!

And yes I know the picture is the same in the badge...I made it as homage to Michael Stokes increadiable picture of the warrior outside the colusuem.  You can find it HERE.