Thursday, September 3, 2015

Most Wanted Reads {1}: Discovering Dalton

Almost every author I know is a bibliophile.  When they aren't clacking away at the keyboard or scribbling something down, they more than likely have a book in their hands, or on their e-reader. What can I say it's an addiction that usually ends up pushing the very limits of our mad money each month.  It's like we can't get enough.  Of course, with the boom of e-books and the ease of 1-clicking on Amazon, we find ourselves like a kids in a candy shop.  

Unfortunately I find myself on a very limited budget, so I'm starting up a list of what I call my most wanted reads.  And I'll be featuring one book each Thursday...and hopefully get suggestions to add to my growing to be bought pile.    So who's up first? 

Discovering Dalton by Nicole Colville.  Honestly it was the absolutely beautiful cover that attracted my eye.  It's gorgeous and there is something about a man with ink that makes my mouth water every time.  After reading the angst filled blurb, I was hooked.  Yep, this book will be the first on my "Most Wanted Reads" list.  Check it out. 

At fifteen, Troy and Liam were fostered by the same family, and although they hated each other at first, they gradually became solid friends. As adults, the two foster brothers live together. Both experience tough times, each being a rock for the other, but their love had never been anything other than brotherly. 

Until they both fall for the same guy, and things get... complicated. 

Dalton is fresh out of a ten year marriage. Feeling lost, he concentrates on the only thing he can control—his body. Developing from a chubby, unfit police officer into a lean, mean inked one, Dalton has never looked better, but inside, he's never felt worse. A relationship is far from his thoughts, and one with another man makes Dalton even more confused. He takes time to get to know Troy and Liam separately, but Manchester isn’t that big, and sparks fly when fate throws the three together. 

Together, these three fight it out between them. Both Troy and Liam demand Dalton choose between them, but what if he didn't have to choose? What if it could work between three? 

The things in life we fight for are never the easiest, but they’re the ones worth holding onto forever.

So what book has caught your eye this week?