Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Humpday Wednesday {1}: Such a tease...

So you're probably wondering what Humpday Wednesday is, and is it really as naughty as it seems?  Well, considering what I write, I'd have to say yep, you're absolutely right. I'm going to be featuring 500-600 words of explicit, down and dirty snippits from my books - whether it be published or WIP.  It's so  naughty.  But then you wouldn't want me any other way, now would you? 

So why do we let the good times roll, as I share a rather naughty snippet from my Beyond Fairytales book,  Don't Call Me Iron Man.  (While not all my snippets will be from published work, I cannot yet reveal what I'm working on - I'm such a tease!) So enjoy the snippet, and I'll catch you back here next Wednesday.  


Ghost-like caresses skimmed along his abs, avoided his aching cock to settle on the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs. 

“So here’s the deal, the moment you let go, this all stops. But as long as your hands remain as they are, I will give you pleasure like none you’ve ever known.” A thread of steel infused Lucero’s voice. “Do you understand?” 

Ivan nodded, his hips lifting off the bedding as Lucero’s calloused fingers found his scrotum. “Hands on, you continue; hands off, you stop.” He gritted his teeth as the cyborg cupped his tight balls in his palm. “I got it.” 

A low chuckle reached his ears. “Actually, I think I’m the one who has it.” 

A gentle pressure tightened around his gonads. Ivan bit his lip to keep his moan to himself. He loved having his balls played with, the rougher the better, but damned if he’d tell Lucero that. 

Lucero loosened his grip and Ivan wanted to beg for the return of the harder touch. “Hiding your pleasure won’t be tolerated. You agreed to give it to me and I’m holding you to your word.”

“Fuck…” He pressed his head back as his hips rocked back and forth. “I need…” 

“This?” Lucero’s voice was closer than before, but it was the deft hand which clamped down on him that had the tortured sound escaping Ivan’s tight throat. The perfect blend of pain and pleasure was as foreign as this new world he found himself in. He wanted, no needed to spill – now. 

“Gods…yes. Stroke me…please!” He continued to cling to posts, his mind nothing more than a haze of pleasure as a wetness enveloped the crest of his cock. “Aw…hell…I need…” His hands loosened as his need to thread them through Lucero’s hair, to hold him in place until he shot down his lover’s throat grew. But the second his grip slipped, the heat was gone. 

“Are we stopping?” Lucero’s question sent a flurry of panic through him. 

“No!” He returned to his former position, but found his desire to touch the man between his thighs grew with the return of Lucero’s tongue. “Tie them!’ 

“No.” The graze of lips against the crease of his thigh tormented him, but reminded him of who was in charge. “They will remain untied. Your submission, your pleasure must be freely given. It’s not something I will take.” 

“Shit...” Tears pricked at his covered eyes. “I can’t promise I won’t slip. The pleasure, the pain…is too much.” A huge sigh shook his body. “But damned if I don’t want it.” 

“Then you will endure and remember my command. Let go and this is over. I will send you back to the great room, unfulfilled.” 

“I get it.” He squeezed the wood under his fingers until he was sure his knuckles were white with the effort. 

“That’s my boy.” 

Before Ivan could grumble about the claim, he was shot right back to the edge of sanity as Lucero rolled his balls while sucking him deep inside of his mouth. Ivan’s breath caught then released on almost a wail. The sensations of Lucero’s lips as they tugged on his glans, while the touch of strong fingers against his hair roughened sack piled upon one another, until the ominous crack of wood above his head echoed through the room. Desperate to come, he stilled, afraid he’d break the spindles free and Lucero would abandon him. He groaned as Lucero released his cock, his tongue tracing down the underside to lash at the base. 

“So close, but can you give over?” Lucero sounded hoarse. “Will you submit?”