Tuesday, August 18, 2015

N.D. Has A New Release!

Hey peeps, just wanted to give a shout out, that I'm slowly moving over most of my m/m books from Dakota Trace to N.D..  So this means that the Xenres Sins Series will now be N.D.'s baby and all future books will be released as Dakota Trace, writing as N.D. Wylders.

While I've never hidden the past that Dakota and N.D. are one in the same, I feel that it will be easier for the readers to find my m/m work if it's all in housed under one pen name seperate from my menage, bdsm and paranormal erotic romances.   So  hence, Ruthless has been released with a spanking new cover, but the same great story that I orginally wrote.  (So if you've read the orginal story, nothing has changed in this edition, other than the cover - unlike my recent revamping of the Chocolate Made Me Do It.)

So check out the yummy cover, and if you haven't read my m/m shifter/vampire book, check it out. And this lowly author, thanks you. :)

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Welcome to Xenres. Located in the heart of Dushanbe, a person can indulge in any sin imaginable, which is exactly what Eryk Solie has set out to do. As a lone Arctic wolf shifter in a foreign country, he longs for something more than mindless one night stands with men who could never completely understand him. Intuition and a tip from a local leads him to Xenres. Inside the notorious gambling hall, he finds his mate, one of the owners of the club. Too bad the man is considered to be one of the most ruthless vampyres in the district. To win a night in his mate’s arms, Eryk will have to lose at a game of chance. 

Asha Talavi not only co-owns the darkest gambling haunt in town, he’s also a self-made vampyre. His ruthless nature has gotten him everything he’s ever wanted including the sexy wolf shifter who dared to accept his challenge over a hand of cards. But even after Asha claims his mate, there is treachery a foot in the form of a former lover. And when Eryk returns the following evening, he tracks down his mate to only find the man with another, claiming he doesn't remember him, or their wager and mating. Only an ancient ritual will tell if Eryk's love will be a match for Asha's ruthlessness and which shifter will in the end claim Asha.


Eryk paused at the bottom of the steps. Up on a slightly elevated dais sat a lone table, the owner’s table more than likely. But his inner wolf didn’t care if the owner objected to a lowly shifter approaching him, because the vampyre sitting placidly at the table cradling a cut crystal glass of cognac, wasn’t the owner to him. He was more. The dark haired, dark eyed vampyre was Eryk’s destined mate. He couldn’t contain the low growl that burst free of him as he took in the dark slacks and ivory silk shirt faithfully following every hardened plane of his mate’s body. 

Meeting the vampyre’s eyes, he slowly climbed the stairs until he was on the top step, towering over the table. He didn’t stop to think what the slightly smaller man would think of his hulking frame. Eryk was a wolf shifter on the hunt. Inching closer to the vampyre, he kept eye contact, willing the man to speak. He needed to hear the man’s voice, to wrap himself in its silken chords. In his mouth, his wolf’s fangs grew, readying his body for the coming mating. It would be wild and rough, no wolf mating wasn’t. The only question was, would Eryk being doing the claiming or would it be his mate? His wolf immediately protested the idea. Not surprising, since his wolf was alpha. 

“Are you just going to stare at me all night, or do you wish to join me?” The rich, velvety baritone wrapped around him, much like Eryk had thought it would. 

“Join you or fuck you?” His words were lisped around the damned fangs that refused to abate. His wolf was tugging hard, wanting to be free. 

The dark eyes studying him seemed to flare at the innuendo. “That remains to be seen. But why not join me for a drink? I could promise not to bite, but both of us realize what a lie that would be.” The vampyre kicked out the chair from under the table for Eryk. “Sit. Let us converse before moving onto more pleasurable things.”