Monday, October 27, 2014

Haunted House of Manlove Flash Blog Hop

Once again it's time to celebrate with a House of Manlove's blog hop.  This time we're celebrating the fun time of All Hallow's Eve.  Or Halloween as my kiddos call it.  As an author who is scared to death of things that go bump in the night this was challenge for me. I don't do forgive me if my tale isn't frightening enough. Instead I wanted to give you a sexy story about an alpha who longs for a mate, until he's given up on ever finding him.  The say love will find you at the most unexpected time, in the last place you'd expect, and with the one person you'd never dreamed would fall for you - as Afran is about to find out!  So enjoy this little all Hallow's Tale and be sure to stop by the rest of the peeps for some more spooktacular fun.  (And yes I did just go  there!) 

Claiming His Mate by ND Wylders

“Be careful what you wish for brother.” 

His sister’s words echoed through Efran’s head as he slid to a stop in the pile of wet leaves. In his wolf form, he lifted his nose. The most intriguing scent filled the air. 

Nana’s gingersnaps? But Nana has been gone for nearly five years. 

With his curiosity aroused, he put his nose to the ground, surprised at where it led. He hadn’t expected to find a camp this deep in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Most humans kept to the well-maintained campgrounds. 

Cautiously approaching the small one-man tent, he sniffed. The aroma of ginger grew stronger and arousal hit him - hard. 


Sinking down on his haunches, he growled at the closed zipper. In wolf form, the only thing he could do was shred it. Which wouldn’t be a great first impression on his mate. But did he trust himself? On All Hallow’s Eve, his wolf was dominant. Perhaps he should wait? The last thing he wanted to do was scare his mate. Even with the growing acceptance of his kind, there were still humans who preferred to shoot first, then ask questions. 

He was jerked out of his musings when the zipper lowered and a slender bookish blond slipped through the opening. His dark eyes devoured Afran’s form. “More beautiful than I expected, Alpha” 

The familiar voice, one he’d only heard over the phone, sent another surge of lust through him. His pack accountant was his mate? It couldn’t be. He didn’t fuck nerdy, preppy men. His wolf loved big strapping men, bears like himself, who wouldn’t break if he touched them! He backed away. 

“Wait!” Avery held out his hand. “Don’t leave.” 

He stopped. Avery’s plea and the damned intoxicating scent held him captive. So he watched instead as the man straightened. Relief filled him. His mate might be slender but he was tall – almost as tall as his own six four height. What else did his mate hide behind his clothes? Sleek but well-defined muscles? 

Avery quickly unbuttoned his shirt. “At least let me show you what you’ll be throwing away, Alpha, if you deny me. Give me a chance to prove I can be what you need – in a man, as a lover and maybe a mate.” 

He watched Avery unblinkingly. He supposed the man deserved that. It wasn’t his fault that Freya could be a persnickety bitch at times. Or that she’d picked a man who was completely wrong for the Alpha of the Morristown Pack.

“Thank you. You won’t regret it, Alpha.” Avery tore at the remaining buttons, then jerked the shirt off his shoulders, exposing ivory skin to the moonlight. 

Efran’s wolf demanded they pounce - claim the beautiful man before them. It didn’t need to see more than the supple rounded shoulders, and taut planes of Avery’s chest to know its mating mark would look perfect just to the left of Avery’s heart, it would proclaim to one and all that the accountant was his. Under his belly, his lupine shaft stirred. He needed to shift – he couldn’t claim his human mate in this form until his claiming bite jump-started Avery’s transformation. 

The mere idea of Avery in wolf form, stretched Efran’s control to the breaking point. As Avery struggled with the cuffs, he shifted. He couldn’t wait any longer to have his mate.

“Hold.” He rose to his feet. 

Avery froze as Efran approached him, naked – his cock leading the way.

“Good boy.” Efran let his long, razor sharp nails caress the planes of his mate’s chest. Even in human form, his wolf still insisted he be present. “Stay still, so I don’t nick you.” 

“Yes, Alpha.” Avery shivered, gooseflesh rising along his arms as Efran flicked one pink nipple, then the other. 

“So responsive.” Efran moved closer, his lips nuzzling Avery’s temple. “Makes me wonder if I can make you come from touch alone.” 

“Please.” The sudden press of his mate’s warm body of his mate against his, nearly stripped him of what little control he retained. 

“I intend to.” He sank to his knees in front of the other man. “But first I want to see what it is you’re hiding behind those slacks.” He reached out to tug the slender leather belt free of its loops. “But you have to remain completely still,” he reminded the smaller man. 

Avery nodded. “Yes, Alpha. No matter what you do to me.” He took several deep breathes. “I’m ready.”

“We’ll see.” Efran slipped the button free and tugged down Avery’s zipper. He groaned as Avery’s surprisingly long shaft popped free. Wrapping his hand around the girth, he lapped up the juice coated tip. The tart flavor burst over his tongue. It tempted him, but this first time he had to had to claim Avery – to appease his wolf. 

“Tell me you have lube, boy.” He lifted Avery’s shaft to nuzzle his mate’s balls. He hadn’t come prepared to mate. He’d wanted nothing more than to run.

“Something better.” Avery gasped. “Plug. Ready for you.” 

Efran surged to his feet. He tore the button off Avery’s pants, before shoving them down and bending him over a nearby fallen log. The base of black anal plug appeared as he spread Avery’s cheeks, exposing the man’s dark crevice. How the fuck had he gotten so lucky? 

“Take me. I’m yours, Alpha.” Avery pleaded. 

“Fuck right.” He tried to be gentle – Freya knew he did, but once he freed the plug, he plunged his cock inside heaven – his mate’s tight but slippery ass. Under him, Avery cried out. He stilled. Had he hurt him? 

“More. Fuck me!” 

Like the beast he was, Efran obeyed his mate’s command, thrusting at first hard and deep, then faster as his control slipped. 

“Yes!” Avery dug his fingers into the log. 

“Mine.” He slapped one side of Avery’s ass, his movements becoming brutal. “Come, mate. Give me my due.” 

Avery’s hand slipped between his thighs, his fist frantic. Efran ha never witnessed anything as quite as erotic. But as his peak approached, Efran pulled out. He needed to place his mark on Avery’s chest. 

“No! Don’t stop.” Avery cried out. 

“Shut up.” Efran couldn’t stop the words as he manhandled his mate until he was on his back. Then Efran shoved inside again. “Masturbate. I want your seed all over me when I come.” 

Avery screamed as the new position had Efran hitting his prostrate. He worked his cock hard.

“Fucking mine.” Efran struck fast, sinking his fangs deep, marking his Avery. Between them the scent of ginger snaps grew strong as Avery climaxed. Efran arched and howled around his mate’s flesh as he filled Amery’s ass. 

“So good.” Amery whimpered when Efran finally pulled free. “Thank you, Alpha. Your sister said I might have a chance if I waited…” Avery swallowed hard. “I mean, I know it’s only for tonight…” 

Efran hauled Avery up against him. “You know nothing. You’re mine – until death. Now get your ass in the tent. We’re going to try that again, mate, but much slower.” 

Avery nodded, but a smile tugged at his lips. “Yes, Alpha.” 

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