Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {20}: turning the tables...

Sorry that I've been MIA as of late.  I surely miss this wonderful blog hop. Just been super busy with three hellious rounds of edits for my upcoming mmf paranormal book. I haven't even been able to do any new writing for a while - which frankly sucks.  However this past week changed that. I've been able to actually write on my mm submission for Decadent's Beyond Fairytales, and want to bring you a new snippet.  One where Ivan actually strips away control from Lucero.  Enjoy and I look forward to reading the rest of yours.


Using the sound of the frothing water to cover his movements, Ivan slipped into the pool behind Lucero. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning when the hot water stroked over the welts on his ass and upper thighs. He pushed away the sting and focused instead on the man in front of him. Close enough to now lick up the bead of sweat that ran down Lucero’s cheek and inhale the heady scent of his arousal, Ivan hovered behind him and waited for the right moment to touch the cyborg.

“Fuck….I can’t.” With his eyes still closed, Lucero’s hand dropped away while a tremor shook his frame. 

“But I can.” Ivan whispered the word against the skin below Lucero’s ear, before wrapping his fist around the broad shaft. 

“What…” Lucero jerked against him, but stilled when Ivan sank his teeth into the thick muscle across the top of his shoulder. It was a warming, pure and simple. 

Using the rhythm he himself enjoyed, Ivan alternated fast and slow strokes up and down Lucero’s length.

“Stop!” The order came out hoarse as Lucero grabbed his wrist. “I can’t do this. I don’t —”

Ivan growled his displeasure, then lifted his mouth. “I’ll fucking sleep with you.” 

“Why?” The question barely reached his ears. 

“Because this one-sided shit is gonna come to a stop.” He nipped the crook of Lucero’s neck. “Now, let go. I want to find out what you look like when you come.”