Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seductive Studs {22}: Two determined men...

Once again this week, I'm taking a snippet from Don't Call Me Iron Man.   Here's approximately 150 words of the lovely power struggle between Ivan and Lucero as they begin their journey together on a mating ritual which will change their entire way of seeing things.  Enjoy.


“Release me, Ivan.” He kept his voice low but firm, as he paused, his mouth mere inches from the pebbled nub of Ivan’s nipple. The other man’s submission to him was given. There could be no other outcome. He needed it. 

A puff of air passed Ivan’s lips, but he obeyed and relaxed his arm. 

“Good boy.” He laved the flesh just to the side of Ivan’s sternum, then traced a figure-eight pattern, his tongue grazing the edge of the hardened peak. Above his head, Ivan hissed. 

“I’m no boy.” Ivan’s protest was hoarse, even as a tremor shook his frame. 

Against his stomach, the hard ridge of Ivan’s cock teased Lucero. His left hand abandoned Ivan’s hipbone to wrap around the erection, his thumb rubbing over the fluid weeping from the flared head. Ivan cursed, and Lucero smiled. “You’re no boy with a weapon like this between your thighs.” He tightened his grip around the shaft. “But make no mistake, you’ll be my boy before we leave.”