Saturday, August 16, 2014

#MySexySaturday {55}: The Tactus...

So it's time for a bit of #MySexySaturday fun. While I'd love to keep with the theme of coaches or other modes of transportation, I find myself sorely lacking in that department. (This is what happens when you write a sci-fi piece where the hero ends up stuck in a forest with a sexy cyborg and they are traveling on foot the entire time)  Anyway, since I still wanted to share with you a snippet with you, I hope you'll forgive me for the lack of theme.  With that being said please enjoy this little excerpt from Don't Call Me Iron first contracted book under this pen name with Decadent Publishing.  Enjoy!

Snippet:  From the first night of the mating ritual, Lucero is determined to tease Ivan...

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s used as a gateway to our mating.” His fingers left Ivan’s lips to trace over his chin, then continued down his neck to his shoulder. “It allows a couple to explore each other without committing to one another.”
“Explore?” Ivan croaked, while an all-over body shiver racked his frame as the light touch grazed one of his nipples.
“Yes. With our fingers…” He plucked at the hard flesh he’d been teasing.
Ivan hissed as the slight sting pooled in his groin.
“With our lips…” Lucero wrapped an arm around his waist and lifted Ivan with ease. It had to be Lucero’s cyborg strength, but Ivan didn’t have time to contemplate the feat however. Lucero’s mouth brushed over the swell of his chest.
“Ah, shit…” Ivan buried his hands in Lucero’s hair as the other man nuzzled his chest.
“And, of course….” A low rumble escaped Lucero. “…our tongues.”
Ivan whimpered as wet heat washed over his skin before it curled around the nub of his nipple.

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