Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seductive Studs {22}: Two determined men...

Once again this week, I'm taking a snippet from Don't Call Me Iron Man.   Here's approximately 150 words of the lovely power struggle between Ivan and Lucero as they begin their journey together on a mating ritual which will change their entire way of seeing things.  Enjoy.


“Release me, Ivan.” He kept his voice low but firm, as he paused, his mouth mere inches from the pebbled nub of Ivan’s nipple. The other man’s submission to him was given. There could be no other outcome. He needed it. 

A puff of air passed Ivan’s lips, but he obeyed and relaxed his arm. 

“Good boy.” He laved the flesh just to the side of Ivan’s sternum, then traced a figure-eight pattern, his tongue grazing the edge of the hardened peak. Above his head, Ivan hissed. 

“I’m no boy.” Ivan’s protest was hoarse, even as a tremor shook his frame. 

Against his stomach, the hard ridge of Ivan’s cock teased Lucero. His left hand abandoned Ivan’s hipbone to wrap around the erection, his thumb rubbing over the fluid weeping from the flared head. Ivan cursed, and Lucero smiled. “You’re no boy with a weapon like this between your thighs.” He tightened his grip around the shaft. “But make no mistake, you’ll be my boy before we leave.”

#MySexySaturday {55}: The Tactus...

So it's time for a bit of #MySexySaturday fun. While I'd love to keep with the theme of coaches or other modes of transportation, I find myself sorely lacking in that department. (This is what happens when you write a sci-fi piece where the hero ends up stuck in a forest with a sexy cyborg and they are traveling on foot the entire time)  Anyway, since I still wanted to share with you a snippet with you, I hope you'll forgive me for the lack of theme.  With that being said please enjoy this little excerpt from Don't Call Me Iron first contracted book under this pen name with Decadent Publishing.  Enjoy!

Snippet:  From the first night of the mating ritual, Lucero is determined to tease Ivan...

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s used as a gateway to our mating.” His fingers left Ivan’s lips to trace over his chin, then continued down his neck to his shoulder. “It allows a couple to explore each other without committing to one another.”
“Explore?” Ivan croaked, while an all-over body shiver racked his frame as the light touch grazed one of his nipples.
“Yes. With our fingers…” He plucked at the hard flesh he’d been teasing.
Ivan hissed as the slight sting pooled in his groin.
“With our lips…” Lucero wrapped an arm around his waist and lifted Ivan with ease. It had to be Lucero’s cyborg strength, but Ivan didn’t have time to contemplate the feat however. Lucero’s mouth brushed over the swell of his chest.
“Ah, shit…” Ivan buried his hands in Lucero’s hair as the other man nuzzled his chest.
“And, of course….” A low rumble escaped Lucero. “…our tongues.”
Ivan whimpered as wet heat washed over his skin before it curled around the nub of his nipple.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Seductive Studs and Sirens {21} : Multi-tasking at it's finest...

So today I got some pretty awesome news. For those of you who don't know,  I finally finished Don't Call Me Iron (my submission for the Beyond Fairytales line) and submitted it to Decadent Publishing. And with that being the case, I awoke this morning to a wonderful email from them.   They loved the story and offered me a contract for it.  I was absolutely ecstatic about it.  This will be the first book that will be published by a royalty paying publisher. *does snoopy dance*  

Anyway with that being said, I thought I'd give you a glimpse inside of Lucero's world in just words this week but pictures as well.  Isn't it beautiful? 

Lucero's home world of Sisera 

Okay and now on to the lovely snippet. How the devilish Lucero can multi-task while claiming his mate is totally beyond me. 


“Look at me, amans. Before we finish this, we have one last thing to do.” 

Focusing on Lucero took some doing, but Ivan finally managed. And was glad he had. Nothing was sexier than his Sir with flushed cheeks and determination stamped on face. In his palm, Lucero cupped several small pieces of what looked like silver rods and even a disk. Ivan’s lust-dazed mind tried to wrap around what his lover was holding. 

“It is customary for the praesul to mark his mate. It’s a sign of honor and lets everyone know that you are taken. Will you allow me to place this shield…” He held out a silver disk with the center cut out of it. “…around your nipple and close to your chest?” 

Blinking, Ivan glanced between the shield and Lucero. “I’d love to wear it, but I don’t know if it will stay…” 

An amused grin crossed Lucero’s face. “True…which is what these are for.” He pinched two slender rods between his fingers. “I will have to insert these through your nipple.” 

Shock warred with surprise. He’d toyed more than once with getting his nipples pierced at home but had never gotten around to it. “You want to pierce me? While you’re balls deep in me?”

Okay now that I'm done teasing you, be sure to stop by the rest of the hops. You'll be glad you did!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {20}: turning the tables...

Sorry that I've been MIA as of late.  I surely miss this wonderful blog hop. Just been super busy with three hellious rounds of edits for my upcoming mmf paranormal book. I haven't even been able to do any new writing for a while - which frankly sucks.  However this past week changed that. I've been able to actually write on my mm submission for Decadent's Beyond Fairytales, and want to bring you a new snippet.  One where Ivan actually strips away control from Lucero.  Enjoy and I look forward to reading the rest of yours.


Using the sound of the frothing water to cover his movements, Ivan slipped into the pool behind Lucero. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning when the hot water stroked over the welts on his ass and upper thighs. He pushed away the sting and focused instead on the man in front of him. Close enough to now lick up the bead of sweat that ran down Lucero’s cheek and inhale the heady scent of his arousal, Ivan hovered behind him and waited for the right moment to touch the cyborg.

“Fuck….I can’t.” With his eyes still closed, Lucero’s hand dropped away while a tremor shook his frame. 

“But I can.” Ivan whispered the word against the skin below Lucero’s ear, before wrapping his fist around the broad shaft. 

“What…” Lucero jerked against him, but stilled when Ivan sank his teeth into the thick muscle across the top of his shoulder. It was a warming, pure and simple. 

Using the rhythm he himself enjoyed, Ivan alternated fast and slow strokes up and down Lucero’s length.

“Stop!” The order came out hoarse as Lucero grabbed his wrist. “I can’t do this. I don’t —”

Ivan growled his displeasure, then lifted his mouth. “I’ll fucking sleep with you.” 

“Why?” The question barely reached his ears. 

“Because this one-sided shit is gonna come to a stop.” He nipped the crook of Lucero’s neck. “Now, let go. I want to find out what you look like when you come.”