Saturday, July 5, 2014

#MySexySatuday {49}: The Offer

So today we're supposed to talk about those women aren’t afraid to show that they love someone. From the moment our sexy lady meets their significant other, their first hot kiss, to the fulfillment of a dream, show us the wonders of finding, falling in love and loving your significant other.

*taps chin thoughtfully*  Well, considering I write m/m, I'm sure the lovely Lynn won't mind if I chose one of my sexy heroes? With that being the case, here's a snippet from Don't Call Me Iron Man, my current WIP. This is a pivotal point in story - where Lucero sets in motion what will end up sending him sliding down the slippery slope of love. (oh, and I should probably mention that Lucero is a cyborg, right?)

Enjoy and make sure to stop by the rest of the peeps.


“Until the Queen sent me into unclog the purifier again.” Ivan rolled onto his back, his limbs sprawled out in a way that was so reminiscent of Vihaan, Lucero wasn’t sure if he wanted to cry or jump the man. “After losing your lover there’s probably nothing I could say that would convince you to return to the royal clutch, is there?” 

Lucero surprised himself when the words flew out of his mouth. “Give me three nights of pleasure.” 

Ivan frowned and pushed up on one arm. “What do you mean three nights of pleasure? You’re demanding I sleep with you, in exchange for something you’ve done before?” 

He gave a hoarse chuckle. “No, you’re asking me to return to a life of watching those around me die, of being under the thumb of a Queen who cares more for land than those who live on it. Well, I’m not going to just go back to that kind of hell without being compensated.” 

“And forcing me to have sex with you is your way of being paid? How do you even know if I’m into men?” 

Lucero continued to rock. “I’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want, Ivan. I was designed to care for others. However, the same thing that tells me that you’re approximately two hundred and sixty five pounds, and six foot five, assures me that you are more than just attracted to me." He paused, deliberately letting his gaze run over Ivan's form. "When I get close your heart rate accelerates, your breathing becomes faster, and your blood pools in your groin.” 

Ivan sat up with a surge of powerful muscles, his face reddening. “You scanned me?”