Friday, July 4, 2014

House of Manlove's Hot Summer Flash: Off-Limits

Once again I've joined forces with fellow mm authors from the House of Manlove to bring you some fun and sizzling reads to celebrate our American Independence from Britain in 1776.  Yes I'm a history osmosis. The DH loves the history channel - so you can imagine what I've been listening to in the background this week.

Anyway unlike my alter-ego...who choose to do the Freedom to Marry (established couples) aspect, I choose to do Midsummer Madness (summer fling) and let me tell you...Luciano and Kenneth rocked my world...of course what they assume will be fling may end up developing into something more.  

I hope you enjoy Off-Limits and are able make your way around to the rest of the author's contributions.  Their links will be at the end of the post.

Off-limits by N.D. Wylders

“We promised we wouldn’t do this anymore.” Kenneth groaned, his hands fisting in Luciano’s dark curls. He spun the smaller man around, trapping him between his body and the brick wall of the alley separating DiAngelo’s Pizzeria and Shoney’s Dry-cleaning. It was the Fourth of July and the pizzeria was hopping. The midsummer night air was humid, and the darkness was sultry. Much like the memory of their one night together.

“It wasn’t e-fucking-nough…” Luciano ground his erection against him. “I can’t forget. I need you to fuck me again. Forget about all the reasons we shouldn’t. Kiss me…” His tongue thrust past Kenneth’s parted lips. 

Lust fogged his brain and his body begged him to give in. His reasons to stay clear of Luciano were solid, but at the moment the need to taste more, to feel every inch of the other man’s body under his and ride out every ounce of pleasure, was all-consuming. Later he would remember why screwing his boss’s son was a bad thing. 

Slanting his head, Kenneth devoured the pliant mouth under his. Luciano tasted of spicy sausage, tangy tomato sauce and the creamy homemade mozzarella. Figures. He has to taste like my favorite pizza. 

“More…” Luciano hooked his leg around Kenneth’s. 

Catching Luciano’s leg under the knee, Kenneth drew it higher until Luciano rode his thigh. Each squirm his lover made, every twitch as Luciano tried to get closer, drove Kenneth insane. He wanted to strip the man of his stained apron. He needed to tear off the snug white t-shirt. Then he would drop to his knees and peel open the tight jeans that cupped Luciano’s impressive dick. Memories of how it felt against his tongue, rubbing against his stomach as he fucked Luciano, only added fuel to the flame. 

The sudden slam of the back door barely registered, but was enough. Kenneth stumbled back. His driving need to be inside Luciano morphed into panic. He couldn’t let his boss find him groping his in-the-closet son. 

“Luciano, boy, you out here! The Carlotti’s are here.” 

Luciano cursed softly, yanked Kenneth’s head down, then pressed a hard kiss against his lips with a promise of later, before yelling something back at his father in Italian. 

Slumping against the wall next to his motorcycle, Kenneth watched as Luciano joined his father. The two bickering men disappeared inside the pizzeria – one of them being the man he loved. “What the hell am I gonna do?” 

* * * *

“Damn, amante, you shouldn’t tempt me so.” 

Fresh from the shower less than an hour later, Kenneth was drying his hair. He froze in place as his dick hardened. He should’ve had at least a couple of hours before the Luciano had finished his shift. The fact he’d shown early had Kenneth on edge. “I wasn’t trying.” He wrapped the towel around his waist. “Why aren’t you still at work?” 

Leaning against the jamb, Luciano gave a sexy shrug of his shoulders, not looking at him. “Had a fight with Pops and took off early.” 

Kenneth studied his lover’s profile. Something was off, but at the moment, worry chased away concern. If Antonio found out Luciano was visiting his openly gay delivery guy’s apartment, all hell would break loose. “And coming here is a good idea? What if Tia Leoni saw you?” His neighbor was a notorious gossip. 

“Can’t a guy visit his friend?” Luciano entered the room.

Kenneth headed toward his dresser for clothes. He didn’t trust himself. Given the opportunity, he’d be buried balls deep in Luciano. The sudden heat against his back when Luciano’s arms wrapped around his waist sent a surge of lust through him. “You’re not visiting a friend. You came to get fucked.” Anger at Luciano’s cavalier attitude annoyed him. 

“So what? I love what you do to me, and you can’t deny you enjoy it. How many times have you relived it since we agreed it could only be a fling? As many times as I have?” The question was mumbled against his shoulder blade. 

Too many. But he wasn’t about to admit it to Luciano. It would give the man an edge he didn’t need. He’d barely been able to walk away the last time. Kenneth shivered at the moist trail of his lover’s tongue against his skin. He gave a muffled moan as one of Luciano’s hands slipped under his towel to caress the taut skin just above his erection. The slight tug as he pulled on Kenneth’s pubes nearly sent Kenneth to his knees. “Please…” He couldn’t stop the plea. 

“Please, what? Stop or give you more?” Luciano spun him around and Kenneth got a good look at his friend’s face for the first time. The swelling and slight discoloring around his left eye surprised Kenneth. 

“What the hell happened?” Kenneth reached up to touch, but Luciano pulled back.

“Let’s just say, I’m not in-the-closet anymore.” He pinned Kenneth against the dresser, pressing his leg between Kenneth’s. 

“Since when?” His mind was a whirl of desire and confusion as Luciano rocked against him, rubbing their pelvises together. 

“Since I decided I was tired of denying what I want.” Luciano speared his hand in Kenneth’s hair. “And it wasn’t some prim Italian girl.” He nipped Kenneth’s lower lip. “It’s you.” 

“So your dad hit you?” Elation warred with anger. His accusation was muffled by Luciano’s kiss. He groaned, his tongue entwining with his lover’s. The ever-present passion threatened to consume him, until there was nothing left but a pile of ashes. 

“Fuck.” Luciano ripped his mouth away and rested his forehead against Kenneth’s. His free hand explored Kenneth’s ass, cradling him against his denim-clad erection. 

Kenneth tried to focus, but his world tilted as he found himself pushed toward his bed. He landed with a thud, his towel falling free. 

“Stay right there.” Luciano reached for the snap on his jeans. “Don’t move.” 

“But –” Kenneth licked his lips as Luciano lowered his zipper. The tantalizing strip of skin and curls peeked from the opening. “We need to talk about this.” 

“After.” Luciano promised, his hand disappearing under his cotton boxers.

Kenneth’s breath caught in his throat when Luciano freed his cock. The captured air whooshed from his lungs as his lover stripped, then crawled up to straddle him. When Luciano hung over him, his thick length trapped against Kenneth’s abs, he cupped Luciano’s ass in his palms. “After what?” 

“After you...” Luciano nipped the curve of his jaw. “…fuck my ass…” He laved away the sting. “…until we both come.”

“Shit...” He tilted Luciano’s face up to gaze into his lover’s eyes. “If I do, there will be no more hiding. You’ll be mine - forever.” 

“I’d expect nothing less from the man I love. No more hiding.” His expression softened and he pressed a kiss to Kenneth’s lips. He lingered for a moment before he pulled back. “Now, make love me to me, amante.” 

With a groan, Kenneth rolled Luciano under him. In the distance, the clap of the Fourth of July celebration could be heard. But he ignored them, he was too busy creating his own fireworks.

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