Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {17}: Reality Checks can be a bitch...

Once again it's time for Seductive Studs and Sirens. And I'm going to give another short snippet from my House of Manlove's Flash.  This will take up from where I left off two weeks ago.  Enjoy!


“More…” The whimpered plea slipped free as Luciano hooked his leg around Kenneth’s. 

Catching the smaller man’s leg under its knee, Kenneth drew it higher until he was essentially riding his thigh. Each squirm his lover made, every twitch as Luciano tried to get closer was slowly driving Kenneth insane. He wanted to strip the man of his stained apron. He needed to tear off the snug white t-shirt with DiAngelo’s Pizzeria logo stenciled over one well-defined pectoral. Then he would drop to his knees and peel open the tight jeans that cupped what he knew was impressive dick. Memories of how it felt against his tongue, rubbing against stomach as he hammered in Luciano’s ass only added fuel to the flame. 

The sudden slam of the back door barely registered, but the harsh bark of Antonio DiAngelo as he hollered for his son had Kenneth ripping his mouth free and stumbling back. His driving need to be inside Luciano morphed into panic. He couldn’t let his boss find him groping his in- the-closet son. 

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