Saturday, June 14, 2014

#MySexySaturday {46}:Unexpected Delight...

It's that time again! Time for some Sexy Saturday fun.  This week we're talking about long sexy afternoons spent in your lover's arms.  This snippet is from a WIP that I had buried on my thumb drive called, Making His Move.  It is from the first m/m story I ever penned. It probably needs some work - okay a lot of work, but it fits the theme for this week. This little snippet is taking place in the late afternoon after Ethan gets off work. He comes home to find a rather tempting sight in the form of his very naked best friend, Shane. 


When Shane had asked at lunch if he could stay with him at his condo, ‘just until his own was ready,’ Ethan had caved. It seemed that Shane’s dad, the CEO of McCormick Construction, wanted Shane to oversee all the work being done in Cedar Rapids and ordered his son to relocate there until the project was done. Unfortunately, the realtor wouldn’t have his condo ready for another couple of weeks. He’d missed his friend and in a moment of weakness over a delicious pot roast he’d agreed to let him stay. Hell, he’d even given the man his house key, since Shane’s meetings with the city officials were going to be done before his own meetings. 

I know I told him to make himself at home, but I didn’t expect him to find him sprawled across my bed naked like present for the taking. He wet his lower lip. His dick began to throb against the zipper of his slacks.

All Shane’s time in the sun at the job, had given his skin a golden tan. And dear lord am I tempted. From the top of his midnight hair to the high rounded globes of his ass, Shane had been driving him crazy since adolescence. His gaze drifted down to his friend’s ass. Ethan wanted nothing more than to test its resilience with his teeth.

The only thing holding him back was the fact that while he was definitely a hundred percent bona fide gay, his best friend since nine grade was straight as they came. And such is my fucking luck. Always to want what I can’t have. Even if he was gay, what would be my chances of him being a Dom? Not a prayer in hell. Pressing a hand hard against his straining cock, he turned away, only to freeze at the sound of his name. Glancing over his shoulder, he nearly choked. Shane was no longer on his stomach. 

His eyes met Shane’s electric blue gaze. They were slumberous and it was all Ethan could do keep his gaze above his friend’s chin. It was one thing to ogle his best friend when he was oblivious to the world and entirely another to when Shane was wide awake.

“I thought I heard you come in, man.” Shane’s hand rubbed across the broad expanse of his chest before he languidly stretched.

Ethan’s face flushed even as he watched every liquid move Shane made. He was glad the hall light at his back kept his face in the shadows. He’d never live this down if Shane realized what affect he was having on him. “Sorry. If I’d known that you were sleeping, I’d have been quieter when I came in. I’m sure all the travel has made you tired.”