Saturday, May 24, 2014

#MySexySaturday {43}:Longing...

I truly love the #MySexySaturday fun we have. It's such a fun and simple blog hop.  You pick seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs from one of your books, published or WIP and post it for the enjoyment of others.  I'm so happy to see that it's back. I find the most delicious books to buy. 

This week we're supposed to tailor our posts about those heros or heroines that don't know exactly how attractive they are, but the strength they find to go after what they want, is sexy within itself.  Which is the case with one of my heroes from my Beyond Fairytales submission, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  Lucero, a cybernetic man, has been never been treated as anything more than a fancy can opener by nearly all the members of his clutch. (aka his village) At least until a visitor from another realm seeks him out. 
Enjoy!  And don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributors. 

Inspiration for Ivan. YUM!

Lucero couldn’t help but stare. Shirtless with his hands clasped over his lean stomach and his dark hair mused, Ivan reminded Lucero so much of Vihaan that he had to pinch himself to keep himself from doing something he’d regret. Even the brief pain wasn’t enough to temper the sudden surge of lust in Lucero’s groin. Forget about how long it’s been since you’ve touched another. He sees you nothing more than a fancy machine. But even as he mentally scolded himself, he couldn’t stop his longing for the brush of another’s hand against his. His solitary existence normally didn’t bother him much, but with Ivan sitting so close, it reminded him of all he’d given up when he’d left the clutch. And now he wants me to return, but do I dare knowing what awaits me?