Saturday, May 17, 2014

MySexySaturday {42}: Claiming What He Wants...

Wow...its great to be participating once more in #MySexySaturday. I've been quiet as of late but with my father having surgery and everything I've been barely able to take the time to shower let alone anything else. So I apologoze for the delay on posting. I want to also say to Lynn its great to have you back. We've sure missed you!
With that being said...let's move on to the sexy fun. This snippet is around sevenish paragraphs and from my Love's Landscape story, A Sonnet for His Vaquero. Told from Benji's POV it is after he returns from making funeral arrangements for his mother to find Alejandro pouring over his father's love letters to Ian. This is when Alejandro lays it all on the line. He's decided he wants Benji and isn't going to let their temporary situation keep him from taking what he wants. Enjoy and be sure to stop at the rest of the blogs.

(Alejandro has cornered Benji in the kitchen...trapping him against the counter.)

Alejandro gave a laugh. "Funny thing about that-Ian stopped by the ranch today. We had a nice long talk and let me assure you Ian has never held a loan on Rancho de la Luna. Dad and him were lovers though."

Benji kept his face straight. "After talking to him the day he left the letters, it doesn't surprise me."

Alejandro nodded, before running his fingers up the front of Benji's shirt. "We had a very enlightening talk too."

Distracted by Alejandro's touch, Benji fought to focus on their conversation. "And?"

"And he made me realize something." Alejandro's hands drifted back down over his abs, until they rested mere inches from Benji's groin.

His breath caught in his throat. "Yeah?'

"Yep." Alejandro curled two fingers through Benji's belt loop to tug him forward. "That if I found a man who lights up my world, I should hang onto him as long as I could-whether it's twenty years or twenty days. Well, I've found that man."

Benji swallowed hard. Was the man saying what he though he was?

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