Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 - May 17th-24th

Once again I'm happy to be a participant in this wonderful hop celebrating International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17th) Even though I am straight, I have family and close friends that who deal with these issues on almost a daily basis. By participating I hope to shed a little more light on the subject matter.  And bring some yummy reads.   Of course I also would like to thank the creators the  HAHAT for allowing me to participate. Erica Cherie, Norma, K-lee and all rock! 

But today I don't want to focus on the negative, but instead focus on the fun - more light hearted side of gay and how my life wouldn't be the same without these peeps.   

For instance....
Without daughters wouldn't be driving me insane by running around and humming the themes from the Nutcraker, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty.  

Without...Greg Louganis...I'd have never learned how to swim or did my first belly flop. (I know I'm dating myself, but I was glued to the set during the Summer Olympics of 84 and 88 just to watch him dive!) 

Without...Rock Hudson...I wouldn't have spent hours with my dad, glued to the TV as we watched the McMillian & Wife every week. 

Without...Elton John and Freddy Mercury,...I wouldn't have sang hours upon hours of Crocadile Rock and Bohiaman Rhapsody with my younger sister.  

So what's so important about these people? Other than the fact they are gay celebrities? The fact they are human. They chose to succeed at their chosen professions and offer something wonderful back to the world. Which is why I get so angry when I hear people talking trash about gays, lesbians or transexuals.  And why regardless of their sexuality these wonderful people have influenced my life in ways that may seem minor to some, but have helped shaped me into the woman, mother and wife I am today.  So lets matter who you find yourself attracted to man, woman or transexual...we are all human and should love each other.   

And to celebrate this....I'm giving away a copy of two of my alter ego's books, His Just Desserts (a m/m foodie romance) and Healing Hark (a m/m/m BDSM romance) to a lucky commentor.  Just be sure to commet below with your name and an email address which you can be reached at.  

Oh and don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributors.