Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {13} Sounds tempting...

This weekend I'm bringing you another snippet from my contribution to the Love's Landscapes Event.  Last week, I gave you a bit of background on Alejandro, so this week it's only fair that I share a bit from his hunky older man.  This snippet is from Benji's P.O.V. just before he actually meets Alejandro - he's been lured by something as old as time...a sultry song.  And it was one of the main items in my 'Dear Author' prompt.  So lets give this a whirl. And don't forget to stop by the rest of the wonderful contributor's blogs. :)  

The sun was just setting when he caught sight of the house. Perched on at the top of a small incline, and facing south the fading streaks of sunlight threw a good portion of the home into the shadows – including the porch. Pulling up next to a battered old pickup truck, he lowered the kickstand and turned the key. The purr of the motor died, leaving the yard almost silent. He swung off the bike, stretching out the kinks the twelve hour drive had caused. That’s when he heard it. The faint sound of a guitar and the most life altering baritone he’d ever heard. Low and sultry, it made him think of smoky bars, and a primitive lust that was followed by desperate kisses and groping hands.

Drawn to the sound, he lowered the bandana he’d worn over his mouth, then slapped his hat against his leather covered thigh before settling it back on his head. As he moved toward temptation, he hoped it wasn’t coming from his new boss, but knew his luck wasn’t that good. Suzette had told him that the young man had no one, and could use the guidance of an experienced man. He’d jumped at the idea. Anything was better than staying with his folks. As the song rose in its intensity, his parents even the idea of the singer being off limits faded from his mind. Like a mouse to the pied piper, he was drawn irrevocably closer. Every note wrapped around him. Every softly sung word lured him until he found himself at the foot of stairs leading to the porch.