Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {12}: It all began here...

Time once again for Seductive Studs & Sirens. This week my snippet is going to be in your face sexy.  Instead it's going to be from the introduction of my Love's Landscapes story for the Goodreads MM Group. While I can't tell you the title yet, please enjoy this little sneak peek into Alejandro's back story.  And don't forget to stop by the rest of the peeps' blogs. 


Alejandro crossed his arms over his chest. “What? To understand my father was picking his lover over me?” Anger that had been buried deep tried to spill out, but he forced it back down. He wasn’t going to let this happen. He was twenty-three, not thirteen. Hell, he’d even completed a double major in six years – a feat unheard of before. So why did his dad’s presence bother him? He’d accepted the fact his dad had other priorities. Nothing good come from this. “Forget it. It doesn’t matter. All water under the bridge as they say.”
Kemen sighed. “It is, but it still doesn’t change the fact, I’m proud of you. A double degree in agriculture and music? Quite an accomplishment. I remember a time I used to listen to you play. It was always my favorite memory – of you sitting on the porch with my old battered guitar and singing to Bojangles.” A wistful smile crossed his face. “I still have him. He’s getting old, but aren’t we all?”
Alejandro shifted uncomfortably at the memory. He also remembered those clear summer nights where the stars had shone so bright it was like a painter had thrown white paint into the black sky. The smell of hay on the breeze and the feel of the strings under his fingertips. He hadn’t been very good, but it hadn’t stopped his dad from sitting on the front porch swing and humming along. It was probably one of the things he’d missed the most when he returned home in the fall. Those quiet times just before bed, where there were no chores left to do and his belly was full of the spicy Mexican food his dad always made for him. It had been just his dad, their hound dog, and him under the stars without a care in the world.
But times had changed. His dad had changed. “Look I still don’t know what you want from me.”