Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {11}: Revisiting Mission of Love

Okay peeps this week has been total chaos so instead of a new snippet from Don't Call Me Iron Man, I'm going to give you a snippet from a short story I wrote for Valentine's Day for the House of Manlove. Enjoy Rico and his teasing mate, Javier!  And don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributors blogs.  ;)


A rumble vibrated under his ear as Rico growled and captured his wandering fingers. “You promised, Javier. I get my romance tonight.” 
He sighed. Dinner and dancing. “So I did. What the hell was I thinking?” 
Rico tipped his chin up to brush a kiss across his lips. “That if you behaved tonight, that I’d take you home and let you screw me eight ways from straight?” He nibbled at Javier’s lower lip. “And maybe even go for a quickie tomorrow at work. Didn’t you say you wanted to bend me over your tool box at the shop?

Javier and Rico