Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens{6}: Don't Call Me Iron Man

Once again it's time for some Seductive Studs and Sirens.  This week however I'm MIA as I'm doing my Band Mom thing again. However, I will have mobile access and will be checking everyone's blogs out.  So enjoy another yummy peek at Ivan and Lucero.  This is taken from right after the kiss they share. 


A low whimper escaped him when Lucero abandoned his mouth with a rough sigh. “Delicious - just as I suspected.”

“Ah…” Ivan wasn’t sure what Lucero was expecting him to say – if anything. His brain was scrambled to the point all he wanted was more. Had the man drugged him somehow? Had it been something in the waters of the cleansing grotto? Some minuscule organism that caused a rampant lust so fierce it lowered what little inhibitions Ivan possessed?

“Shh…” Lucero placed a fingertip over his lips. “For this night only, you shall focus on the tactus.”

Tactus?” Ivan knew he sounded like a parrot but was unable to stop himself.

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s our gateway to mating.”

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