Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {9}: Is Beauty more than skin deep....

It's once again time for another edition of Seductive Studs & Sirens! This week I'm once more visiting my characters from my Beyond Fairytales story, Don't Call Me Iron Man. Last week I left you with poor Ivan blindfolded as Lucero warned him that he would eventually see Lucero as he was - not just as a machine. In this week, we're picking up from there. Lucero has just complimented Ivan on being attractive, but wonders if that attractiveness goes all the way through to the inside. Ivan being a smart ass has just asked if it honestly matters. Enjoy...and don't forget to hit up the other contributors. 


Lucero paused. “Of course it matters.” He stroked his hand down Ivan’s spine, loving the way the man jumped. “Too often we place too much emphasis on our outward appearances.” Leaning forward, he was tempted to bury his nose in the damp curls at the base of Ivan’s neck, but instead settled for blowing against the damp skin. A smile rose as goosebumps appeared on the golden expanse of skin. His Ivan was more sensitive than he’d ever dreamed. The possibilities for tomorrow’s tests teased Lucero, but he forced them to the wayside. He needed to guide his Ivan through the first test, before he should even be thinking of what pleasures awaited during the dolore voluptatem. 

Instead he pressed a kiss between Ivan’s shoulder blades, allowing just the tip of his tongue to brush Ivan’s flesh before retreating. 

“Lucero…please.” The plea came out ragged. 

“Oh believe me, I intend to – once you give yourself over to me.” 

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