Saturday, March 29, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {10}: The Unexpected (NSFW picture included)

Once again it's time for a little bit of seductive tease this week.  As my other pen name has been busy hammering out edits and last minute writing on her Healing Hark book (it comes out April 11th!), I haven't been able to work on Don't Call Me Iron Man.  So I hope you won't mind, but I'm going to shift gears and post a snippet of a m/f/f/f partial I wrote about six months ago. (I promise next week, Lucero and Ivan shall return. They are waiting patiently for me to get done playing with Hark, Diachi and Bryan. Bless their  

So as I mentioned this snippet is from a partial that I started about six months ago. I ran across this picture, and even though I normally stick to m/m, or any combination of two men and a lucky woman, I couldn't help but tell their story.   So enjoy the eye candy and the snippet. 



Above me and soft as a sigh, her moan teased my flesh. Her teeth tugged on me as if to encourage me to continue. Squirming I shifted from one breast to the other, while her fingers trailed down my stomach. Even as consumed as I was at worshiping the lovely mounds, I still was aware of her every move. Every nerve drawn taunt as her fingers brushed the top of my mound, their touch grazing the curly hairs, I’d kept trimmed short for my boy-friend. Inhibitions lowered I couldn’t help but press up against her fingers, I needed more. She tisked and pressed me back down with her palm.  
“Bad Kitty. Momma will give that pussy what she wants…eventually.” 
I groaned helplessly as she smacked my mound. The blow amplified my lust rather than dulling it. 
“Hmmm, Alex was right. You are a kinky little slut…” 
At the mention of my boy-friend, I panted. Had he set this up?

Tempting isn't it? 

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