Saturday, March 15, 2014

#MySexySaturday {40}: Lucero gets more than he expected....

 So it's time for another MySexySaturday. This week we're  focusing on those time we don't feel all the sexy, but still want to offer that special someone our support and love.  With that being said, I'm offering up seven paragraphs from Don't Call Me Iron Man. In this scene, we see Lucero preparing to sweep in and rescue Ivan from a large native predator. Then he's rocked to his core when he recognizes Ivan as his lost love.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributor's blogs! 


The resulting loud roar as the scaly monster tossed away the remains of the guard. Lucero’s heart jumped and he sprung forward.  He couldn’t in good conscious let the man die.  Slipping from the shadows, he drew the large man into the depth of his cloak, knocking the small penlight to the ground. After a very brief struggle as the beast returned to its meal, he drew in the slightly musky smell radiating off the man. He’d honestly been surprised that the man had given in so easily – put perhaps he knew of Queen Theria’s ruthless behavior. However it wasn’t the only surprise though. It wasn’t until the morte’metentis disappeared into the tree line and he finally released the man that he got his first good look at him.  
In the flickering of the nearly burnt out firelight, he made out a face so familiar to him that he nearly fell to his knees. Vihaan – the Queen’s son!
“How can this be?”   He swallowed hard, his hand lifting as if to touch the man.  “You can’t be here. You’re dead. Sisera reclaimed your soul and sent you onto the next realm.” He backpedalled when the man knocked his hand away. 
“Next realm? What the hell are you talking about?” Standing in the dim light cast by the fire pit the man’s form was backlit, showing off broad shoulders, a long torso, slim waist and powerful thighs. It was enough to make Lucero’s mouth water, even though he realized that the man wasn't Vihaan. “I assure you, I very much alive and only wish to return to my home.”
Lucero wet his lower lip as he fought to control his suddenly awakened libido.  “And where exactly is home? The royal clutch?”
The man scowled. “Willingly stay with that crazy bitch – no, not even for a million bucks.  I’m gonna find this stupid LT…whatever unit and then I’ll be on my way back to Earth.”
Lucero’s blood went cold. “What is this Earth you speak of, and how will this…medical unit insure your trip home? Has bitch Queen found a new way to cross dimensions?”  Hope blossomed in him.  If Theria had indeed found a way to cross time and space, Lucero might be tempted to strike up a bargain with her – if it meant he could be with Vihaan once more.   His heart ached for his former lover.