Saturday, March 1, 2014

#MySexySaturday {38}: Fingers, lips and tongues...oh my!

So this week's contribution comes again from my current WIP, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  In this snippet, Lucero is....shall we say explaining in a hand on kinda way about the first night of Ivan's submission to him and the ritual of the Tantus.  Enjoy!

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s used as a gateway to mating.” His fingers left Ivan’s lips to trace over his chin and down his neck to his shoulder. “It allows a couple to explore each other without fully committing to one another.”

“Explore?” Ivan croaked, an all-over body shiver racking his frame as the light touch grazed one of his nipples.

“Yes. With our fingers…” He lightly pinched the hard flesh he’d been teasing.

Ivan hissed as the slight sting seemed to pool in his groin.

“With our lips…” Lucero wrapped an arm around his waist, lifting Ivan easily with his cyborg strength. Ivan didn’t have time to contemplate the feat however. Lucero’s mouth brushed over his collarbone and down his chest.

“Ah, shit…” Ivan buried his fingers in Lucero’s hair as the other man nuzzled his sternum.

“And of course….” A low rumble seemed to come from Lucero. “…our tongues.”

Ivan whimpered as wet heat washed over his skin before drifting across to curl around the pucker bub of his nipple.