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Seductive Studs & Sirens {10}: The Unexpected (NSFW picture included)

Once again it's time for a little bit of seductive tease this week.  As my other pen name has been busy hammering out edits and last minute writing on her Healing Hark book (it comes out April 11th!), I haven't been able to work on Don't Call Me Iron Man.  So I hope you won't mind, but I'm going to shift gears and post a snippet of a m/f/f/f partial I wrote about six months ago. (I promise next week, Lucero and Ivan shall return. They are waiting patiently for me to get done playing with Hark, Diachi and Bryan. Bless their  

So as I mentioned this snippet is from a partial that I started about six months ago. I ran across this picture, and even though I normally stick to m/m, or any combination of two men and a lucky woman, I couldn't help but tell their story.   So enjoy the eye candy and the snippet. 



Above me and soft as a sigh, her moan teased my flesh. Her teeth tugged on me as if to encourage me to continue. Squirming I shifted from one breast to the other, while her fingers trailed down my stomach. Even as consumed as I was at worshiping the lovely mounds, I still was aware of her every move. Every nerve drawn taunt as her fingers brushed the top of my mound, their touch grazing the curly hairs, I’d kept trimmed short for my boy-friend. Inhibitions lowered I couldn’t help but press up against her fingers, I needed more. She tisked and pressed me back down with her palm.  
“Bad Kitty. Momma will give that pussy what she wants…eventually.” 
I groaned helplessly as she smacked my mound. The blow amplified my lust rather than dulling it. 
“Hmmm, Alex was right. You are a kinky little slut…” 
At the mention of my boy-friend, I panted. Had he set this up?

Tempting isn't it? 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIF SINS-pirations {9}: Eyes to die for....

This week's TGIF SINS-piration comes in the from one of the stock pictures I used to make a good friend and fellow author, Rawiya's cover for her MMGoodreads' Love's Landscape prompt.  They say the eyes are the window to the soul. It makes me wonder what this sexy man is thinking...

With Ms. Rawiya's's the completed cover - sans title!

P.S.  Also if you're interested...I'm also doing a prompt for this event as well. The cover sans title is on my side bar and has a couple hunky cowboys on it.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {9}: Is Beauty more than skin deep....

It's once again time for another edition of Seductive Studs & Sirens! This week I'm once more visiting my characters from my Beyond Fairytales story, Don't Call Me Iron Man. Last week I left you with poor Ivan blindfolded as Lucero warned him that he would eventually see Lucero as he was - not just as a machine. In this week, we're picking up from there. Lucero has just complimented Ivan on being attractive, but wonders if that attractiveness goes all the way through to the inside. Ivan being a smart ass has just asked if it honestly matters. Enjoy...and don't forget to hit up the other contributors. 


Lucero paused. “Of course it matters.” He stroked his hand down Ivan’s spine, loving the way the man jumped. “Too often we place too much emphasis on our outward appearances.” Leaning forward, he was tempted to bury his nose in the damp curls at the base of Ivan’s neck, but instead settled for blowing against the damp skin. A smile rose as goosebumps appeared on the golden expanse of skin. His Ivan was more sensitive than he’d ever dreamed. The possibilities for tomorrow’s tests teased Lucero, but he forced them to the wayside. He needed to guide his Ivan through the first test, before he should even be thinking of what pleasures awaited during the dolore voluptatem. 

Instead he pressed a kiss between Ivan’s shoulder blades, allowing just the tip of his tongue to brush Ivan’s flesh before retreating. 

“Lucero…please.” The plea came out ragged. 

“Oh believe me, I intend to – once you give yourself over to me.” 

1. Thianna D  4. Dakota Trace  7. Morticia Knight  
2. Jade Crystal  5. ND Wylders  8. KC Kendricks - Between the Keys  
3. Charley Descoteaux  6. 
C.C. Williams 

#MySexySaturday {41}: More than he expects...

This week we're supposed to be talking about those important moments that help define a couple's relationship.  So I'm going to feature seven sentences from my current WIP, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  In this snippet we find that Lucero is trying to drive home, the point of looking beyond physical appearances to what lies beneath.  And he's doing it while he has Ivan blindfolded and at his mercy. Enjoy and be sure to stop by the rest of the blogs. ;)



“You’re a very attractive man, Ivan – but I’m sure you’ve been told that before.” He slowly circled Ivan. “But it makes me wonder, is what’s inside as attractive?”
A puff of breath passed Ivan’s lips and his head seemed to follow the sound of Lucero’s voice. “Does it matter?”
Lucero paused. “Of course it matters.”

Friday, March 21, 2014

TGIF SINS-pirations {8}: Yummy in blue jeans...

It's one again time for another installment of TGIF SINS-pirations.  This week I had to feature this yummy guy.  He's recently stared on a cover I made for Ellie Potts.  Gotta love this look. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {8} Temptation beyond belief...

And its time for another wonderful installment of Seductive Studs and Sirens. Last week we got a glimpse from Ivan's POV during his and Lucero's first night of mating, so this week we're going to get a peek into Lucero's mind as he observes the sexy blindfolded Ivan. Enjoy...and don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributors. 


Taking a step back, Lucero stared at the partially naked man in front of him. Every ion of his being, both mechanical and Siserian wanted to claim Ivan. From his shortly cropped blond hair to his strong feet, he was a banquet to Lucero’s enhanced senses. Layered muscles over a sturdy frame, wide shoulders and narrow hips tempted Lucero. And more than anything he wanted the towel Ivan had wrapped around him after his cleansing gone. But he couldn’t rush this. There had to be order – his very soul demanded it. The other man might not understand the importance of tactus or how Lucero valued such a mating ritual, but he could feel the mating urge with every lungful of air he brought into his lungs. 

#MySexySaturday {40}: Lucero gets more than he expected....

 So it's time for another MySexySaturday. This week we're  focusing on those time we don't feel all the sexy, but still want to offer that special someone our support and love.  With that being said, I'm offering up seven paragraphs from Don't Call Me Iron Man. In this scene, we see Lucero preparing to sweep in and rescue Ivan from a large native predator. Then he's rocked to his core when he recognizes Ivan as his lost love.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the rest of the contributor's blogs! 


The resulting loud roar as the scaly monster tossed away the remains of the guard. Lucero’s heart jumped and he sprung forward.  He couldn’t in good conscious let the man die.  Slipping from the shadows, he drew the large man into the depth of his cloak, knocking the small penlight to the ground. After a very brief struggle as the beast returned to its meal, he drew in the slightly musky smell radiating off the man. He’d honestly been surprised that the man had given in so easily – put perhaps he knew of Queen Theria’s ruthless behavior. However it wasn’t the only surprise though. It wasn’t until the morte’metentis disappeared into the tree line and he finally released the man that he got his first good look at him.  
In the flickering of the nearly burnt out firelight, he made out a face so familiar to him that he nearly fell to his knees. Vihaan – the Queen’s son!
“How can this be?”   He swallowed hard, his hand lifting as if to touch the man.  “You can’t be here. You’re dead. Sisera reclaimed your soul and sent you onto the next realm.” He backpedalled when the man knocked his hand away. 
“Next realm? What the hell are you talking about?” Standing in the dim light cast by the fire pit the man’s form was backlit, showing off broad shoulders, a long torso, slim waist and powerful thighs. It was enough to make Lucero’s mouth water, even though he realized that the man wasn't Vihaan. “I assure you, I very much alive and only wish to return to my home.”
Lucero wet his lower lip as he fought to control his suddenly awakened libido.  “And where exactly is home? The royal clutch?”
The man scowled. “Willingly stay with that crazy bitch – no, not even for a million bucks.  I’m gonna find this stupid LT…whatever unit and then I’ll be on my way back to Earth.”
Lucero’s blood went cold. “What is this Earth you speak of, and how will this…medical unit insure your trip home? Has bitch Queen found a new way to cross dimensions?”  Hope blossomed in him.  If Theria had indeed found a way to cross time and space, Lucero might be tempted to strike up a bargain with her – if it meant he could be with Vihaan once more.   His heart ached for his former lover.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

TGIF SINS-pirations {7}: Cowboy love

This week I'm sharing the inspiration for the mature hero for my M/M Goodreads prompt. Isn't he sexy?  Say hello to Benji.  :) 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {7}: Don't Call Me Iron Man

So once again this week, we're delving into the world of my beyond fairytale story, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  Last week, I gave you a snippet of Lucero's slow seduction of Ivan and I couldn't resist giving you another snippet - this one is shortly after Ivan tries to come to senses and slow things down. Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the other contributors' blogs! 



“In my culture once a couple has joined during the final rite, they’ve become as one – perfect mates in every sense.” Lucero kept his gaze on Ivan. “They will no longer desire others – but only each other.”  He chuckled softly. “Before Vihaan disappeared, we were ready to complete the sacra fide – to be mates for the rest of our lives.”
Ivan swallowed hard.  “And you want this with me? Because if so...” He drew a deep breath. “I’m here to tell you, I’m not looking for anything permanent – especially with a man who is more machine than not.”
Lucero’s eyes narrowed. “Close your eyes.”
A fissure of fear tried to combat the desire Lucero’s command drew forth. 
“Why?” A slow seductive smile crossed Lucero’s face. “Because one way or another, you will realize I am a man. Nothing more – nothing less.”  

#MySexySaturday {39}: Only the blind can see...

Once again, my weekend has been taken over by Band Mom duties, but I wouldn't miss out in the fun.  (Blogger is wonderful for allowing me to schedule posts.) So while I'm not here in person, I'm definitely here in spirit and wanted to share another snippet from my current WIP, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  This week will be much shorter than normal as I for once am only posting seven sentences. (the most important seven sentences in the entire chapter as far as I'm concerned.  It's with this short passage that Lucero manages to turn the tables on Ivan....and here they are!  But before you go off reading, remember to take the time to stop at the rest of the contributors' blogs. I'll be checking in myself from my phone.  



A feeling of dread inside Ivan’s stomach only got worse when a slender piece of woven cloth appeared in the cyborg’s hands.  “What exactly are you going to do with that?”

Lucero pulled it through his fingers, looping it around in fashion that was almost mesmerizing. “There are many senses that one possesses.  Touch, smell, taste and even hearing, but as a man, one of the most potent is our vision.” He slipped the cloth over Ivan’s eyes. “Perhaps without your sight, you’ll finally be able to see me as I am.”  

Friday, March 7, 2014

TGIF SINS-pirations {6}: Vaquero Love....

Once again it's time for some yummy T.G.I.F.  SINS-pirations.  And this week, Mr. Delicious below is my inspiration for my mm goodreads prompt for their Love's Landscape Event. Didn't Mateo pick out a yummy picture?  

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Seductive Studs & Sirens{6}: Don't Call Me Iron Man

Once again it's time for some Seductive Studs and Sirens.  This week however I'm MIA as I'm doing my Band Mom thing again. However, I will have mobile access and will be checking everyone's blogs out.  So enjoy another yummy peek at Ivan and Lucero.  This is taken from right after the kiss they share. 


A low whimper escaped him when Lucero abandoned his mouth with a rough sigh. “Delicious - just as I suspected.”

“Ah…” Ivan wasn’t sure what Lucero was expecting him to say – if anything. His brain was scrambled to the point all he wanted was more. Had the man drugged him somehow? Had it been something in the waters of the cleansing grotto? Some minuscule organism that caused a rampant lust so fierce it lowered what little inhibitions Ivan possessed?

“Shh…” Lucero placed a fingertip over his lips. “For this night only, you shall focus on the tactus.”

Tactus?” Ivan knew he sounded like a parrot but was unable to stop himself.

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s our gateway to mating.”

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#MySexySaturday {38}: Fingers, lips and tongues...oh my!

So this week's contribution comes again from my current WIP, Don't Call Me Iron Man.  In this snippet, Lucero is....shall we say explaining in a hand on kinda way about the first night of Ivan's submission to him and the ritual of the Tantus.  Enjoy!

“It’s a ritual of sorts.” Lucero’s amber eyes now resembled molten gold. “The night of the touch has been a sacred rite of the Krontos people for eons. It’s used as a gateway to mating.” His fingers left Ivan’s lips to trace over his chin and down his neck to his shoulder. “It allows a couple to explore each other without fully committing to one another.”

“Explore?” Ivan croaked, an all-over body shiver racking his frame as the light touch grazed one of his nipples.

“Yes. With our fingers…” He lightly pinched the hard flesh he’d been teasing.

Ivan hissed as the slight sting seemed to pool in his groin.

“With our lips…” Lucero wrapped an arm around his waist, lifting Ivan easily with his cyborg strength. Ivan didn’t have time to contemplate the feat however. Lucero’s mouth brushed over his collarbone and down his chest.

“Ah, shit…” Ivan buried his fingers in Lucero’s hair as the other man nuzzled his sternum.

“And of course….” A low rumble seemed to come from Lucero. “…our tongues.”

Ivan whimpered as wet heat washed over his skin before drifting across to curl around the pucker bub of his nipple.