Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {4}: WIP (Don't Call Me Iron Man)

Okay peeps this snippet is from my WIP called Don't Call Me Iron Man - a story I'm hoping to have published with Decadent's new Beyond Fairytales line. This work will be my twisted version of Iron John, a classic Grimms Fairytale. Enjoy!

Already on edge with adrenalin pumping thorough his veins, Ivan jumped. Then he was dragged back against a hard body. A man who didn’t struggle under Ivan’s substantial form. A man whose arm wrapped around him, holding him close while managing to wrap a cloak of some type around their combined bodies. The same man who held him with ease even as Ivan tried to twist away. He refused to let him go, even when Ivan’s bucked against him, grinding his ass against the stranger’s groin. Within moments, he could feel the man’s cock harden and grow until it was wedged between the cheeks of his ass. 

A hand clamped over his hip. “Stop. Now is not the time to be luring me with your wicked ways. I don’t care what the queen has promised you. It will matter not if we don’t survive. The morte’metentis has not only an unshakable thirst for human blood, but has razor sharp hearing. Our only chance of surviving is to be still. It has very poor vision and cannot see us - unless you move.”   

2. Thianna D