Saturday, February 22, 2014

#MySexySaturday {37}: Can Ivan submit...

So this week is going to revolve around kisses...or so Lynn suggests.  Well, considering I'm still in the opening chapters of my Beyond Fairytale submission, Don't Call Me Iron Man, I haven't gotten to their first kiss, but if I had...I imagine it would go something like this....

Set-up: Ivan has just returned from the bathing chamber and is waiting for Lucero (a cyborg he's bargained with to return. The bargain is a simple one. Three days of sexual submission in exchange for Lucero's return to the capital.) 

Ivan jumped when hands that should’ve been cold, but weren’t, settled on his shoulders. The heated brush of what felt like lips across the back of his neck sent a jolt of awareness down his spine. He stifled the moan that tried to break free. How had Lucero known his neck was sensitive? 
“Hmm…” the husky approval from behind him surprised Ivan. “You taste better than I dared to hope.” 
Ivan gritted his teeth, when the tormenting mouth slid down between his shoulder blades, his body responded despite his brain’s protest that the man touching him wasn’t real. He’s a machine. “Don’t...” He shivered as moist heat flicked over his skin. His body hardened in a rush. It was all too easy to imagine what Lucero’s tongue would feel like on other…parts of his anatomy. 
“Don’t what, amica mea?” Lucero moved further down, until the hot brand of his tongue teased the base of his spine. “You agreed to this. No one is forcing you.” 
He hissed when Lucero nipped at his hip, just above the towel. “You never said you were going to…”
“…to what, Ivan?” Lucero stood suddenly, his clothing brushing against Ivan’s back. “To touch?” His fingers peeling away Ivan's towel. The room whirled as Ivan found himself face to face with the cyborg. “That I wouldn’t want to explore all you have to offer?” His eyes glittered in the dim light. “For a man who’s been alone too long, you should expect nothing less. I’m starving...” His thumb rubbed over Ivan’s lower lip. “…for you.”

Then his head dipped and the full lips Ivan had admired earlier covered his own. All he could think of was how he hadn’t agreed to this, but the protest died in his throat as Lucero’s tongue thrust deep inside to lick at his. Ivan was helpless against each flick. It tormented and beckoned until he was returning the intimate caress with every ounce of desire flooding through his body. He no longer cared why this was wrong.
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