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House of Manlove: Valentine's Day Hop: Mission of Love

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Originally when I sat down to write this piece of flash for House of Manlove Flash, I wasn't sure which way to go. Primarily because I don't have any books out under this particular name as of yet. However I decided I wouldn't let this stop me. So what you see below is actually more of prequel (or behind the scenes) of how the two main characters of my short, Dead Man's Hand, ended up playing poker one fateful night.  So pull up a chair and settle in, while I introduce you to Dante's younger brother, Javier and his lover, Rico.  Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I did. 

Mission of Love

Javier and Rico
Javier shifted in his lover’s arms. On the other side of the smoky hole in the wall bar named Paddy McFees, his brother sat in front of an old battered upright piano preparing to start his nightly set. Wearing his normal attire – neatly pressed charcoal pants, ivory dress shirt, undone bow tie and black fedora, Dante’s nimble fingers tinkled the ivories. Patrons chatted softly at individual tables while the old familiar tune of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” filled the air.

“Damn, again?” Rico tugged him closer. In front of them were the remains of Shamus’s world famous wings and potato skins. “Your brother is a beautiful player, but doesn’t he know any other tune? I swear he opens his set every night with that song.” 

Dropping his head to his lover’s shoulder, Javier sighed. “It’s this kid, babe.”

Rico rubbed small circles on his back. “The one from the college?” 

Javier nodded. “He’s obsessed with him – has been since the night that he saved his ass. Not that I understand why. Dante has always been a hard man – after that pendejo left mami with no way to support us, he had no choice but to grow up fast. Sometimes I think his love of music is the only thing that kept him sane.” 

Rico rested his forehead on the top of his head. “You know the idea of your brother, the bad ass, saving some college kid who walked into the wrong bar, just mystifies me. Not saying he’s evil or anything but the only thing he cares about is you, your mom, and music – in that order. At times I just think he merely tolerates me.” 

Javier gave him a reassuring squeeze. “He knows I love you, Rico, and wants me happily settled.” 

“Settled huh?” Rico ran his thumb over Javier’s collarbone. 

A shiver worked its way down his spine. “Yeah. Settled is a good thing.” Javier ran his hand up the inside of his lover’s thigh. “It means I get to come home and feel up your tight ass every night.” 

A rumble vibrated under his ear as Rico growled and captured his wandering fingers. “You promised, Javier. I get my romance tonight.” 

He sighed. Dinner and dancing. “So I did. What the hell was I thinking?” 

Rico tipped his chin up to brush a kiss across his lips. “That if you behaved tonight, that I’d take you home and let you screw me eight ways from straight?” He nibbled at Javier’s lower lip. “And maybe even go for a quickie tomorrow at work. Didn’t you say you wanted to bend me over your tool box at the shop?

“Hell, yeah.” As usual Javier’s body stirred, readying itself for his lover when Rico tugged the abraded flesh into his mouth – sucking on it softly. He felt each tug all the way down to his cock. He resisted the urge to nip him, to take control of the kiss while he tangled his fingers in his lover’s shaggy brown hair. It looked like the night of romance he’d promised his lover would be harder to deliver on than he’d thought. He hadn’t planned on having to fight his natural urge to take. Much like his bad-ass brother, he was rough around the edges and took what he wanted. Always had. “Damnit, you keep doing that, I’m going to forget my promise and bend you over the table.” 

Rico’s dark blue eye’s filled with mischief. “Well, we can’t have that.” As the song faded away to something smoother – something a bit more jazzy, Rico freed himself from both the booth and Javier. His lover raised his arms and stretched. 

Tall and slender, the full body roll Rico executed showcased not only his tight abs and well defined chest but also gave Javier a glimpse of the bubble butt he loved so much. Was his lover trying to drive him insane? 

Rico’s voice was soft as he held out a hand. “Come dance with me, my love.” 

Sliding across the booth, Javier slowly stood, his body already aching for more. “You’re evil.” He whispered as Rico led him out into the small area that Shamus, the owner had cleared for the night’s festivities. 

Rico chuckled and pulled him flush against his body. “Not as evil as you are.” He nuzzled the top of Javier’s head. “Don’t think for a moment, I don’t know about that poker game you arranged for next week – even after you promised no more cards.” 

Unease rolled over Javier. The only bone of contention between his lover and him was the gambling problem Javier had been battling to overcome since they’d been together. It have nearly two years since he’d touched a deck of cards. It was hard, but to come home to Rico every day, made his sacrifice worth it. “It’s not like that, babe. I swear! It’s for-”

“Dante.” Rico’s hand caressed the hair at the nape of Javier’s neck, before tightening. In an aggressive move he used Javier’s hair to tip his head back while anchoring an arm around his waist. The move plastered Javier against his tall form. “Which is why I haven’t shoved my size ten up your ass.” 

Relief coursed through him. “It was the only thing I could think of to get them together. Dante didn’t make the best first impression on Ronan, so when he told me he didn’t have the money to fix his alternator, I made up this damned poker game. I’m lucky Dante went along with it.” 

“Like he wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend time with Ronan.” He bent his head until his nose almost touched Javier’s. “And the idea you risked my wrath to set it up, is probably one of the most romantic things you could’ve done.” 

“Ah…I wasn’t…” Javier’s cheeks flushed. He hadn’t done it to score brownie points with Rico. In fact, he’d hoped his lover wouldn’t find out. 

“I know.” His hand dropped to Rico’s ass. Squeezing it, he pressed their hips together. “Which is why, to make it up to me…you’re going to take me to Navy Pier.” 

Javier groaned as their cocks rubbed together when Rico turned him around the floor. Would this night ever end? “I am?” 

“Yeah. Then we’re going home.” He rubbed his nose against Javier’s. “And you’re going to fuck me all night long. Comprende?” 

“Fuck, yeah.” He gave Rico fast hard kiss, waved good-bye to Dante, and dragged his man out of the bar. He was a man on mission – one of love.

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