Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Sonnet For His Vaquero: Chapter Nine

Alejandro wanted to shout “hallelujah” as Benji tackled him to the bed. They bounced as they landed. Immediately Benji supported his weight on his knees, as he pushed Alejandro’s arms up and toward the headboard.

“Hang on and don’t let go― you hear me?” Benji’s tone was harsh, but the lust in his hazel eyes assured Alejandro that he wasn’t angry.

“Yeah.” Alejandro wrapped his hands around the slats in the headboard. He hissed when the thick pelt of Benji’s chest hair rubbed over his bare skin, as the older man moved back. Watching Benji through narrowed eyes, Alejandro marveled at the intensity of the other man’s need. It seemed once Benji decided to take him up on his offer, there was no hesitation. He’d stripped Alejandro down to his boxers before they’d even made it out of the kitchen. By the time they’d reached Alejandro’s bedroom, Benji was down to nothing more than his socks.

“Damn…” Alejandro moaned when Benji knelt between Alejandro’s spread thighs, his sex full and rigid from a nest of silvery hair. “I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a man who goes commando.” He tightened his thighs around Benji, loving the contrast between his lighter skin and Benji’s slightly darker tone.

Benji jerked when Alejandro’s inner thigh brushed his cock. Then he pulled back, freeing himself from Alejandro’s grip with ease. “And I find nothing more frustrating than a guy who wears boxer shorts.” He reached under Alejandro to grab the waistband of his underwear and yanked. “Makes me want to burn every damn pair you have.”

“Why?” Alejandro gasped as Benji’s other hand delved under the material in front to cup Alejandro’s cock and balls.

“Because it keeps me from tasting this.” He shoved the material down far enough that Alejandro’s cock sprung free, the swollen tip of his erection dotted with pre-cum.

Alejandro arched his back when Benji spread the fluid around the head. Benji’s touch was deft as he steadied the swollen length for his mouth. He shouted as Benji wrapped his mouth around the head of his aching sex. Each lash of Benji’s tongue sent a jolt of pleasure through him, until he was perilously close to coming. “Please, stop!” He squeezed his eyes shut.

Benji growled and lifted his head. “Stop?”

Alejandro panted. “Gonna come.” His chest heaved, even as his fingers dug into the wood. “Want you inside me… when it happens.”

A slow smile crossed Benji face. “Trigger happy, cupcake?”

“Fuck, yeah.” He bucked up toward Benji. “I’ve been hot for you since you rode up on that damned bike. I’ve jerked off more in the past two weeks than I did during my entire time in college.”

Benji narrowed his eyes. “When?”

Alejandro was getting irritated by the questions. Why hell wasn’t the man fucking him?

“When did you jerk off? We’ve been in each other’s back pockets since we met.”

He squeezed his eyes shut. “In the shower― I’d go into the shower― smell your soap and rub one off. Quit asking me a million questions, damn it. Just fuck me!”

Benji circled the base of Alejandro’s cock. “One last question. Please tell me you got lube and condoms.”

“Bedside drawer.” Alejandro gritted out, thrusting against Benji’s fingers.

“Good.” There was a scrape as Benji opened the drawer, followed by a snick as he popped the top on lube. “Legs up? Show me that pretty asshole.” Benji ordered.

Lifting his legs, he hissed as the cool lube trickled over his crease to settle on his rosette. “Fuck!”

“In just a second.” Benji promised as he breached the tight ring with the tip of his finger.

Pushing out, Alejandro moaned as Benji sank deeper. He was sweating and swearing by the time Benji worked what felt like three fingers inside of him. “Quit fooling around… fuck me… please!” His head tossed against the pillow.

“Well… since you asked so nicely…” Benji drawled softly as he replaced his fingers with his cock. “Shit! You’re tight!”

“And you’re… God-damned thick.” Alejandro gasped as Benji lowered his body over him until their chests were touching and his cock was trapped between them.

“Hang on to me. I want to feel those fingers digging into my shoulders.” Benji grunted as he began to move.

Releasing his grip on the headboard, Alejandro wrapped his legs and arms around Benji as the man slowly thrust against him. The bed springs squeaked as Benji moved a bit faster. Moaning deep in his throat, Alejandro could only hang on as the pleasure of having the man he loved deep inside him pushed him higher.

“Oh, my God.” He babbled, burying his face against Benji’s shoulder, as the intense feeling in the pit of his stomach grew. “More, please.”

“Oh, yeah.” Benji gritted out, the sound of his hips slapping against Alejandro’s ass echoing through the room.

Then toe-tingling euphoria washed over Alejandro as Benji shifted his angle and his cock pegged Alejandro’s gland. “Fuck… right there,” he gasped.

A low rumble escaped Benji. “Yeah… come for me, sweetheart.”

Alejandro’s breath caught in his throat as his body obeyed, filling the space between them with creamy seed. “Benji!”

“Good boy.” Benji rasped, his hips snapping harder and harder as he sought out his own pleasure. Clinging to him, Alejandro rode out the storm until Benji stiffened and filled the condom with his release. “Damn…” The older man collapsed over Alejandro.

Running his hands up and down Benji’s back, Alejandro began to hum an old Spanish love song he remembered his father singing― before his mother had moved them away.

“That’s the same song you were singing the first time I met you.” Benji whispered against his shoulder.

A low chuckle shook him. “A love song from my childhood― before my parents split.” He began to softly sing, the words flowing from his lips. “Quiero regalos que a las palabras… para ser su red para cuando usted se cae… te llevará de la man al caminar…”

Lifting his head, Benji smiled. “Beautiful. What does it mean?”

Alejandro pursed his lips. “You mean after how many years in Texas you don’t know Spanish?”

Benji dragged his fingers down Alejandro’s side. “Don’t make me tickle you…”

Alejandro widened his eyes in mock horror. “Okay, okay. It means… I want to gift you the words… to be your net for when you fall… take you by the hand when you walk…”

Benji rolled them over so Alejandro found himself cradled across the older man’s chest. “What I wouldn’t give to have that… to be the center of your universe. To share a love like that…”

Alejandro placed his hand over Benji’s heart. “Who says you can’t?”

“Says reality.” He lifted Alejandro’s hand and placed a kiss against its palm. “I wish that love was enough, but man can’t live on that alone.” He squeezed Alejandro tighter. “It would be so easy to love you, but food, shelter… all of it costs money, and I’ve seen your books. Even if we got top dollar for your herd, there’s not enough cash flow to support one― let alone two of us. It’s going to take prudent planning to keep you afloat until your trust fund comes in.”

Alejandro stilled. While Benji hadn’t come out and said he loved him, it gave him hope. He just needed more time. “What if I told you I had a way? Would you stay?”

“What way?” Benji ran a hand down his back.

“Well, Ian and I talked about more than love and my dad.” He nibbled on his lower lip. “You know that worthless land your dad claims I have?”


“Well according to Ian, Dad set up one last deal before he passed away. It seems my land isn’t so worthless. There is a company out of Houston that has a new technique of drilling for oil that won’t harm the land― and they want to drill in the field north of the house. Surveys say that it’s rich in minerals that normally only appear when oil is present.”

Benji drew a harsh breath. Alejandro could see the slowly dawning hope in his lover’s gaze. “So what does that mean? Drilling for oil can take even longer than your trust fund that’s coming ready.”

He smiled down at the older man. “What it means is that my father drew up an iron-clad contract with the company, which includes a tidy sum to keep the ranch afloat until the oil comes in. I signed the contract this afternoon. So now the only problem I have is convincing my hand to stay on.”

“You’re serious? You want me to stay?”

Alejandro nodded. “You’re my light, Benjamin Augustus Coleman the Fourth.”

Benji groaned. “I’ll stay… on one condition.”

Alejandro cocked his head. “And what’s that?”

“Don’t ever call me that again.” He buried his fingers in Alejandro’s hair.

Wetting his lips, Alejandro lifted up enough that his mouth was only inches from Benji’s. “So what do I call you?”

“How about ‘the man who loves you’?” Benji whispered back.

Relief filled Alejandro. “Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I’ll take it…” The rest of his words were swallowed up by Benji’s mouth as he rolled Alejandro under him. His lonesome cowboy had finally found a home.


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